Vinyl Fence Tools

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Vinyl Fence Manual Notchers

Notch Rails and Pickets in the Field

Choose from five models of compound leverage hand operated notchers for making the snap-lock in vinyl fence rails and pickets up to and including thicknesses of 0.135″ (3.429mm).

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Vinyl Fence Manual Nibblers

“Must Have” Tools for Vinyl Fence Installation

These models are used in the field for vinyl fence installation. They are invaluable time-savers when it is necessary to elongate post rail holes or rail picket holes to rack fence for a slope or grade. All feature variable leverage handle action, long aluminum handles, and replaceable cutter blades.

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Vinyl Fence Pneumatic Notchers

Powerful. Portable. Compact. Convenient.

Used by extruders, fabricators and installers to notch vinyl fence rails and pickets. Patented three piston pneumatic cylinder is fast and powerful. Portability increases productivity by reducing material handling. Professionally notch material in its place without placing material on stationary tabletop. One-hand operation. Palm touch modular trigger assembly. Interchangeable notcher heads in three sizes. Cutter blades are milled from tool steel for long-lasting precision. US Patent 6,314,862

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Vinyl Fence Rail Removers

Vinyl Fence Rail Remover Models

For removal of vinyl fence rails. Insert the blades on both sides of the rail to unlock the snap-lock tabs. Makes repairs or replacement of rails faster, easier, and safer!

Shelf Pk Qty. 4   Master Carton Qty. 24

2″ x 4″ Rail Remover – MW-TRR24
UPC: 7 27226 55018 7

4″ x 6″ Rail Remover – MW-TRR46
UPC: 7 27226 55019 4

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Vinyl Fence Rivet Guns and Rivets

Pneumatic and Manual Operated Models

Use to refab vinyl fence gates and sections or in the field for installations and repairs. Our patented pneumatic model MW-R62X6P is most often used for high-speed production. It features our 2-piston pneumatic power unit. The 6-inch long barrel is specifically designed to use our 3/16-inch aluminum rivets, requiring a pull strength of less than 500 pounds. We also offer two manual rivet gun models, one with a 3-inch barrel and rear ejection for use with our 3/16-inch aluminum rivets and one standard multi-purpose manual model with four interchangeable nosepieces for aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel rivets up to 3/16-inch. US Patent 6,314,862